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How does it work?

1. Get a Boxpostale Address

Sign-up and request your free personal address in the country of your choice. The address includes a unique BOX number that identifies you.

2. Shop Your Favorite Brands

Use your Boxpostale address as your delivery address at checkout on any online store*. Upon receipt of your order, you'll be notified with a picture of your package.

3. Combine Shipments & Enjoy

Bundle all your items from multiple packages into one box and save on shipping. We'll send you an email with tracking information to your door.

*Certain items cannot be shipped internationally because of regulations. Check our list of prohibited items before shopping.

No membership fee

No need to pay for a monthly membership. Just sign up for free and get your international shipping address today!

Free 30-day storage

Packages received in your name are stored for free up to 30 days. Beyond that, you pay only a small fee per package per day.

Free consolidation

Save big on shipping costs by combining multiple packages together! No need to pay extra for this. It comes as standard.

Free repacking

Even for one package, repacking may reduce shipping costs by optimizing empty space in your packages.

Shipping discounts

We negociate deep discounts (up to 70%) directly with carriers and pass the savings on to you.

Dedicated shipper

Special requests such as taking additional pictures of your packages can be handled at no extra charge by your trusted shipper.